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I suppose my first impression in gathering together images from years past is just how little I concerned myself with their presentation or permanence. Snapshot photos were taken at careless angles with scant regard for clarity, often using black and white film. Once an artwork was completed it was removed from view and all attention was focused on the next project.

As the years progressed I belatedly became aware of the need to document my artistic progress. Colour film was used although my camera was a very basic model. Unhappily prints and more importantly their negatives were still mistreated or damaged in my generally chaotic studio. Photos were hastily stuck in inexpensive albums, again without any serious thought to their care.

Of course this state of affairs changed with the advent of computers and digital cameras - though application has always been a concern..

As to the original artworks I must admit to having ' lost track ' of many paintings and drawings. Some were sold, a few were destroyed and many were misplaced in the confusion of my moves between different countries. Artwork left in storage has unfortunately vanished and I have little hope in its retrieval. One painting was found by chance in a book on alternative dwellings where it graced the wall of a Melbourne mud-brick home.

I am not overly distracted by my lack of connection to ' yesterday's papers ' though, I must admit, there are moments when I'd still like to gently revisit one or two old favourites '.

The Eighties

The Seventies

The Sixties